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Algae can be found on buildings external surfaces like brickwork, concrete or masonry. We can remove these from your building using K-rend.

We can offer K-rend services in Swansea and South Wales.

Due to the humidity in our climate these algae can grow rapidly and they can survive without long periods of water. These algae will not effect the structural strength of your building however it will make your building look untidy.

AS Evans Professional Cleaning has the knowledge and equipment to remove these algae from your building using K-rend.

We will treat your building with a surface biocide or algaecide to remove these algae from your building. This process is called K-rend or render cleaning.
As we do not use high pressure washing techniques but chemicals which will not damage the surface or render of your building but will have your exterior look like new!

See below our K-rend portfolio for Swansea and South Wales.

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